Campus Operations

Campus Operations

Campus Operations is a unit within University of Richmond’s Business Affairs Division. Departments within Campus Operations include Campus Business Services, Dining Services, Facilities,and Events, Conferences, and Support Services. Together, our more than 450 staff members make this campus a great place to learn, work, and live. In everything that we do, we are committed to safety, hospitality, quality, and efficiency.

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Spider Dash
March 12, 2024
Spiders take the scenic route
UR’s second annual Spider Dash on-campus 5K doubled in size this year, as the UR community took a winding path through campus.
Gina Foster
March 23, 2023
Innovation at the SpiderShop

Gina Foster, the new director of the SpiderShop, has a long history of working in retail. From Talbots to the BassPro Shops, Gina has 28 years of experience serving customers.